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The company was founded in 2003 and to the present day has acquired an unique experience in translation, characterized by teamwork and quite an impressive scope in a short period of time (more than 3,000 pages per month).
Official Translation Services for investment companies and projects


Translation Services as an effective instrument for overcoming the consequences of Global Energy Crisis

"Armageddon" ... is undoubtedly fascinating movie, if you do not go into the details and admit some slip-ups. Who cares about the asteroid which had the Earth's gravity and that everything can easily   exploit and burn  in vacuum and that modern technical level lets the space shuttle, as if nothing had happened, to land and take off from the asteroid...
But all this is not so important. There is another question – may be it would be more logical for NASA to train astronauts to the drilling than to make from drillers the astronauts?

But ... but we will come back to this a little bit later.  In the meantime I would like you to  focus on actually  key problem of mankind  survival - the interaction between our human - being and Mother Nature. The uncontrollable and still increasing anthropogenic and technogenic pressure on nature make the modern society face with the "boomerang effect" -  the destruction of nature turns into non-controllable  economic collapse and, as a consequence – into the global social damage. The degradation processes of political and economic responsibility already have transformed into a deep ecological crisis. And the question of environmental protection has become identical to the question of availability to have the «bright" future for our civilization.   

It is unlikely that some one  will argue that maximization of saving strategies in interaction of humankind with environment is also one of the basic means of survival, in a string of global effort. . And, of course, to a greater degree  this related to the consumption of energy resources of our planet. It's no secret that our generation long time and mercilessly bosses in the energy "stock" of future generations and calls this an extensive path of development that is characterized by the increase of energy production and absolute increase of energy consumption. However the natural physical limitation of this trend eventually has fostered an intense way to solve the energy problem.
The intensive path of development, first of all, is characterized by the increase of power generation, including the development and introduction of energy-saving technologies in the production (renewable power generation  - solar, wind energy and etc.), supply (modern distribution networks) and consumption (advanced meters, transformers, feeders and etc.). Those measures, realized by the developed countries, to some extent mitigate (alleviate) the effects of energy crisis, but not remove these  issues from the agenda. Obviously, the effective implementation of experience all around the world will have a crucial importance in this.

Nowadays, the development and improvement of energy infrastructure in developing countries, is one of the priority activities of many international organizations, ecology movements, corporations, consulting and engineering companies. In this regard, the global projects of WB, EBRD, ADB, IDB, EU and other organizations, along with international scientific conferences, forums and tutorials, are considered as the fundamental factors for developing  and introducing the common standards (....) and for overcoming the regional economic and social contradictions in order to achieve  the mutual understanding.
It could not be denied that in our modern world the understanding and capability of listening and hearing each other, as a socio-psychological phenomenon is the key of success in any sphere of human activities, as well as power industry. The services of professional technical translators, strange as it may seem, have the important role in this, since the provision of correct and quick mutual understanding of experts of various nationalities depends on clear definition of issues and optimal ways and time for their decision.
As  it is well-known, technical translation is a translation, aimed at specialized scientific-technical and standardized information exchange between specialists, who speaks  different languages. In a simplified form, the technical translation is an adaptive translation of technical texts and terms, taking into account the regional and national peculiarities. The core of technical translation is a formal-logical style, which characterized by  correctness, emotional detachment  and impersonality.

The widely used "word to word" translation is not acceptable for technical translation, i.e. the unreflective  translation of each  individual word or phrases, which  almost  in all cases leads to loss of translation quality , and sometimes –to the distortion of the meaning of the text  beyond recognition.

It should be noted that in technical translation, besides the basic meaning of the text  it is extremely important to implement an accurate translation of technical terms and concepts, for instance (energy sector):

-           Advanced Electricity Metering (AEM)
-           Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)
-           Advanced Meter Management (AMM)
-           Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory (EEPROM)
-           Hand Held Terminals (HHT)
-           Metering Point (MT)
-           Actual Peak Reduction (APR)
-           Available Transmission Capacity (ATC)
-           Automated Meter Reading (AMR)
-           Black start
-           Combined cycle gas turbine power plant
-           Construction Work in Progress (CWIP)
-           Demand Side Bidding (DSB)
-           Demand Side Management
-           Distribution Companies / DisCo
-           Distribution utility
-           End-use
-           Environmental energy tax
-           Feed-in System
-           Inclining block rates
-           Price cap regulation
-           Supplier of Last Resort
-           Time-of-Use Rates
-           Transmission Reliability Margin (TRM)

There is no doubt that technical translation is one of the most difficult and important process in translation sphere.. That is why the translation of technical text must be carried out only by specialists, who is really proficient in the field of document assignment.
This being so, in view of all above mentioned, and on the analogy with question positioned in the beginning of the article regarding the astronaut and driller, naturally, the another question raises - who is more effective: a professional translator with relevant skills of power engineer or -  a Power Engineer with a good knowledge of foreign language?
In fact, in the above-mentioned film, in my opinion, the most effective method for solving such problems has been used – the tandem of highly qualified and specialized professionals, focused on decision of tasks in hand – the driller manages the drilling machine, the astronaut  drives the Space shuttle ... everyone being in the same chain, carries out  his own  part of  united goal and beautifully blow the asteroid, and simultaneously  save the entire planet.

During the implementation of large projects, including energy sector, Bureau Translation Group UBI Consulting (Uzbekistan), follows this rule – it creates a working group of translators / editors who work closely with power engineers and consultants with appropriate direction on translation of detailed design estimate and architectural design documentation, terms of reference, reports, maintenance manuals, specifications and etc. At the same time, the specialists of this company create the special glossaries, taking into account the specifics of translated materials, project peculiarities , corporate style and customers’ requirements in order to ensure the standardization of terminology,. In fact, translators and interpreters of  Translation Group take an active and direct part  in  overcoming  the Global Energy Crisis by ensuring the professional mutual  understanding of leading experts from different countries and providing both technical oral and written translation,.  

The specialists of this company having the classic academic education and many years’ experience regularly work on improvement of  professional level and the quality control at every stage As we see Translation Group UBI Consulting  being  at the forefront of  translation services  and  the following  directions such as civil construction, petroleum production and refining, water  supply and sanitation, agriculture and irrigation, communications and utilities i.e. is involved not only in salvation of the world, but also  in its improvement  for future generations.

“Difficulties of translation” … can you remember the end of the movie? He kisses her and…by the idea of the Director a sense of incompleteness gives way to a mutual understanding.

Undoubtedly, mutual understanding or willingness to listen and hear each other, as a socio-psychological phenomenon, in the modern world is the key of success in any sphere of human actions. UBI Translation clearly understands the inviolability of this postulate and helps representatives of different countries not to think about “difficulties of translation” but focus only on the achievement of goal ... mutual understanding. Believe, UBI Translation is able to find the right words, because language is that he works every day with.

From 2003 we, UBI Translation, have been serving the clients of the widest profile. The professionalism and flexible approach to each of them, have helped us to deserve the trust of our clients. There is an obvious explanation — we just do our job, and our credo is to do it efficiently.

Even if you hear about UBI Translation for the first time, most likely you have met the results of our work. The translations of UBI Translation can be found everywhere. These are label texts on packages of medicine and food stuff, the translation of instructions to the home technology and operation manuals of cars, books and journal articles.

Of course, we can go by a common way to attract Your attention and declare that UBI Translation is working with texts related to industrial equipment and household appliances, medicine and pharmacology, power engineering, oil production, oil refining and petrochemicals, road construction and water supply, sanitation and etc., that technical translations are our Forte.

Without doubt, this is all true. But still, we want to focus your attention more on company policy, which we categorically commit to provide our services:

  • Use of correct and consistent corporate terminology - for many years, the glossaries of terms in more than 15 industries were collected, i.e. the complete and technically adequate reproduction of the source text in the market target language
  • Style, which gives the ease and convenience of perception, i.e., the adapted translation which is a guarantee of adequate translation lexicon.
  • Meaningfulness, so that our translations are based on a deep and correct understanding of text, context and subtext, and which are not word for word translation.

The availability of staffing and freelance translators from different countries of the world and from different subject areas in our company, confirms our belief that a self-respecting translator only translates into his native language.
As a dessert:

  • "White" company, 100% of tax payment
  • Courier’s immediate departure
  • High speed of translation
  • Possibility to order a translation and receive the result by e-mail from anywhere in the world or by courier within Tashkent.
  • Multi-stage system of control and the careful editing of translations. That is, each translation is the result of work of several specialists.

It is likely that you will want to get an idea about the quality of our work, before you make your first order. We are providing you such opportunity. Following are fragments of some translations of varying difficulty, which performed by us during the period of existence of the company. As adopted in our company, the policy requires us to maintain the confidentiality in respect of existing clients; we have changed the names of all companies and the persons appearing in the submitted translation.

The gaseous medium SF6 possesses excellent dielectric and arc quenching properties. After arc extinction, the dissociated gas molecules recombine almost completely to reform SF6. This means that practically no loss/consumption of the quenching medium occurs.

Газообразная среда SF6 обладает отличными диэлектрическими и дугогасительными свойствами. После погашения дуги, молекулы дислоцированного газа  почти полностью воссоединяются, чтобы восстановить SF6. Это означает, что потеря/потребление дугогасительной среды практически не возникает.

This measurement requires that a PLC signal is injected on the LV network in a defined and known point (for example at the bus-bar near the transformer, thus simulating the PLC transmission of the Data Concentrator).

Данное измерение требует, чтобы сигнал PLC был введен на определенной и известной точке сети низкого напряжения (например, на сборной шине находящейся близко к трансформатору, таким образом, моделируя передачу сигнала PLC Концентратора Данных).

New process control system for monitoring and control of operation (located in the operations center). With visualization of process image hierarchy, flexible switchover possibilities between process images, zooming, planning and decluttering.

Новая система управления процессом    мониторинга и  контроля действий  (расположенного  в центре управления). С  визуализацией   процесса  иерархии изображений,  и возможностями гибкого  переключения  между  обработкой  изображений, масштабированием,  планированием  и  расчисткой.

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